Miami Dolphins Terminates Chad Johnson’s Contract

Former Bengals and Patriots wide receiver Chad Johnson has had his contract terminated by the Miami Dolphins moments after being bailed out of Jail.

Chad Johnson was arrested on Saturday night after getting into an argument with his wife, Evelyn Lozada from the reality TV show “Basketball Wives.” It is speculated that Lozada questioned Johnson about a receipt that was found in their car, and one of the items on the receipt included a condom. During the argument, Lozada accused Chad Johnson of head-butting her, resulting in his arrest domestic battery charges.

Johnson who had a disappointing season last year with the Patriots changed his name back from Ochocinco, and was determined to come back a better player with the Dolphins. In his brief moment with the Dolphins, he has not been able to hold up the high standards required by Dolphins Head-Coach, Joe Philbin.
During an interview with reporter that was aired on HBO’s Dolphin Training Camp Series, Chad was used profanity over and over again to the dismay of his coach. He was warned about the repercussions of such behavior and not having a good public image. Sticking to his word, Phiblin and the Dolphins have terminated Johnson’s contract and he is now without a team again.

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