Miami Dolphins cut QB David Garrard, as Tannehill prepares for Houston Texans


Photo by: Zumapress/Icon SMI

Veteran Dolphins QB David Garrard has been released by the Miami Dolphins as of Tuesday. Garrard who has been battling with a knee injury was given the chance to prove himself healthy, fit and ready to go, but he was unable to gain confidence of the Dolphins coaching staff.

In an effort to show that he is healthy, and improved, Garrard practiced briefly with the team on Monday, and actually showed signs of improvement, but taking into consideration his health issues in the past, the fact that he missed all of last season due to a back injury, there is still inconsistency with him being healthy, and the coaching staff is not ready to another risk with him.
Considering that the Dolphins had four QB’s, it isn’t a surprise that they released Garrard as his salary would have been a burden, and definitely too much for an older QB that cannot be counted on to stay healthy. Garrard has not played a regular season game with the Dolphins since he was released by the Jacksonville Jaguars in March 2011.

Although not particularly convincing in his preseason games, rookie QB Ryan Tannehill will be the starting QB when the Dolphins host the Houston Texans and the No. 2 defense in the league on Sunday. Considering the fact that the Dolphins don’t have the most reliable wide receivers for Tannehill to connect it, Thursday’s game will be a difficult one for a rookie QB, playing his first game against an elite defense.

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