Week 4: Dolphins at Cardinals


Photo by: Richard C. Lewis/Icon SMI

The Dolphins are 1-2 and will face the 3-0 Arizona Cardinals today. However, the Dolphins have been playing extremely well so far this season, and only lost by 3-points in overtime to the Jets last week. However, the Dolphins will be faced with a larger challenge this week, this week they will be going against the second ranked defense in the NFL, and the Dolphins offense must be ready to make plays and not make careless turnovers. In order for the Dolphins to win this game, they will need to get after the Cardinals quarterback, whoever that may be. The Cardinals will be forced to pick either Skelton, the starting quarterback before going down in week one, or Kevin Kolb, who has played extremely well since Skelton went down. Whoever is starting, they will know that another qb is on the sideline breathing down their back, so their will be pressure on them to play well, this is something the Dolphins will need to exploit. If the Dolphins can break the confidence of the Cardinals quarterbacks, then this game is very winnable.

Game Details:
Date: 9/30/2012
Time: 4:05pm EST
Stadium: University of Phoenix Stadium
TV Broadcast: CBS

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