Dolphins Look For Win After Close Loss

This past Sunday was a rough day for any Miami Dolphins fan.  They finally showed promise after years of squandered opportunities only to squander another one.  They will need to get their defense up to snuff while continuing to develop their offense if they wish to have a chance of winning games going forward this season.

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill looked solid on Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals, putting up 431 passing yards and a touchdown on the day.  he did slip up on turnovers however, throwing two interceptions and giving up a fumble recovery to the increasingly difficult Arizona defense.  He will need to get things together quickly if he wants to lead his team to the playoffs.  If he had only stopped one of those turnovers from happening he could have helped his team give the Cardinals their first loss.

Other contributing factor to the Dolphins loss on Sunday was their defense.  While they were able to get two interceptions from quarterback Kevin Kolb, they could not hold the Cardinals back from scoring the final field goal necessary to win the game in over time.  This could have been the Dolphins day in the sun but they just could not get things going throughout the game.  If they want to be players in the NFL this year and hope for a run towards a wild card spot in the playoffs, they simply cannot let things like this happen.  If they continue to do so, they can count on years and years to come where they sit at home while other teams fight for the Lombardi trophy.

The Dolphins need to get things together on both offense and defense if they want to be contenders in the league.  They are playing a hot Cincinnati Bengals team this week. and while they are at a +4.5 points spread, they are still risky as one of your NFL picks for the week.

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