Dolphins prep for one more showdown


Photo by: Zumapress/Icon SMI

Mimi Dolphins look to enter today’s game against the Colts with two recovering players, Brian Hartline should be returning from a groin injury and rookie Quarterback Ryan Tannehill is expected to be back in action recovering from a knee and quadriceps injury sustained in last week’s 30 -9 showdown against the Jets. The Miami Dolphins are making a strong statement with their games thus far and have even taken the drama off the field with Running Back Reggie Bush’s comment that “what goes around comes around,” referring to Cornerback Darrell Revis’ season ending injury. The Colts also are no team to be underestimated as they have won three of their last four games and are definitely looking to add today’s game to their list of winnings so it is definitely expected to be a great showdown between two of the NFL’s up and coming teams.

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